NFG Global

NFG Global is a group of Financial Advisors under PRU Life UK. Beyond this very professional sounding title, however, is the core of the team's identity: a league of everyday heroes helping people become NFGs.

What are NFGs anyway?

NFGs are people who have money and time-freedom, the proper mindset, and the right environment to do exactly what they would do if money isn’t an issue. We believe that with money out of the way, we would go back to what’s truly important: our families and our passions. Imagine a world that runs on that — it's our duty to protect this vision. 

Here, the more you help, the wealthier you become.

Nomad Finance Girl

“What would you do if money isn’t an issue?” 


When Nikki was asked this question many years ago, her answer was “Build a team of superheroes.”


At the age of 28, Nikki Jurado - known online as Nomad Finance Girl - has built a following of more than 80,000 readers and has created and managed more than 8 businesses. Beyond being an entrepreneur and trader, she sees herself as an educator who helps people understand the complex world of personal finance in the easiest way possible. 


“One of the questions I commonly get is ‘Bakit ka pa sumali ng PRU Life UK?’”, she shares.


“It’s simple, really. Being a manager with PRU Life UK allows me to help Filipinos achieve their financial goals. On top of this, I get to build, train, manage, and work with financial advisors in my team who are as passionate when it comes to providing proper financial education and plans for individuals and families. The company has been helping me in my mission of running a team of superheroes.” 


NFG Global currently houses more than 50 Financial Advisors. Nikki has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. 


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