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NFG Global

NFG Global is a team of licensed Financial Advisors under PRU Life UK. We help income-earning Gen Zs and millennials find peace of mind through customized life insurance plans.

Here, the more you help, the wealthier you become.


Nikki Jurado, known online as Nomad Finance Girl, has over 12 years of experience in trading the financial markets both as a retail and institutional trader and over 10 years in the sales and financial industry. 


After serving foreign brokers as the head of the fundamental floor in Australia and Singapore, NFG shifted her focus to heading her team of licensed financial advisors, managing her portfolio of art and real estate investments, and running multiple businesses.


In 2020, she launched her book, “How to YOLO Wisely”. A year later, a 30-day course based on the book was released to the public.

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Our Mission

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